Victims of Jeff Dahmer


Jun 1978 - Stephen Hicks
Sep 1987 - Steven Toumi
Oct 1987 - Jamie Doxtator
Mar 1988 - Richard Guerrero
Feb 1989 - Anthony Sears
Jun 1990 - Eddie Smith
Jul 1990 - Ricky Beeks
Sep 1990 - Ernest Miller
Sep 1990 - David Thomas
Feb 1991 - Curtis Straughter
Apr 1991 - Errol Lindsey
May 1991 - Tony Hughes
May 1991 - Konerak Sinthasomphone
Jun 1991 - Matt Turner
Jul 1991 - Jeremiah Weinberger
Jul 1991 - Oliver Lacy
Jul 1991 - Joseph Bradeholt

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suicide bomber in a armored vehicle 

How do you like me now, bitch?

I can’t stop watching this. Its incredible how everybody else in the car ducks down after President Kennedy is shot, except Jackie. She puts her arm around him and doesn’t even think to lower herself. 

According to military records found in the FBI files on his case, Jeffrey Dahmer once got into trouble for refusing to follow an order.  When told for the second time to carry out a command, Dahmer apparently responded with “I’m not going to fucking do it.”  His brief stint in the army was fraught with many similar instances.  Dahmer was cautioned at another time for playing his music too loud and at yet another time for showing up drunk and dressed in his civilian clothing.